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Select from the topics ("menu items") below or let Barry Levenson arrange for a special Chef's Tasting Menu for your group. Half-day and full day programs are available, as well as lunch and dinner talks.

All presentations are eligible for Continuing Legal Education credits

"A fly in your soup? Very good, sir! Will you be alleging breach of warranty, negligence, or strict liability?"


History of Food Law in America
The Rise of Food Advocacy Groups
Fighting Food Fraud
Advertising Food to Children

Soups and Salads

When Bad Food Happens to Good People (Suing for Food Related Injuries)
Food & the First Amendment
Protecting Culinary Creations: Food as Intellectual Property
Banning "Bad" Foods - Foie Gras, Horsemeat and Maybe Even Ketchup?
You Can't Fight City Hall - Or Can You? Suing the FDA, the USDA, & Everyone Else
Anatomy of a Food Label
Pink Slime: A Mess of a Lawsuit

Main Courses

Lawyers and the Food Supply: Savoirs or Shysters?
Criminal Law & The Park Doctrine: Strict Liability for Food Adulteration
Raw Milk: Freedom vs. Public Health
GMO Foods: The Public's Right to Know (or the Right to be Needlessly Alarmed?)
Scrutinizing Health & Nutritional Claims
Limiting the Right to Sue Fast Food: America's "Cheeseburger" Laws


Kosher Food Enforcement Laws: Not So Strictly Kosher
Dietary SUpplements: Food That Isn't
The Law of Organics


Ag Gag Laws - Are They Constitutional?
Legal Remedies to Fight Obesity
The Future of Food Law
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